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A Secure Smart Traceability System And Why Is It Important For Your Business.

A secure track and trace solution

As per the Indian Logistics Industry Outlook, 2020 research report, the logistics market in India is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.5% between 2019 and 2025 with digitisation and e-commerce as key contributors. This not only makes tracking and tracing an important business requirement, but it also makes it the key differentiator between long-term customer loyalty and lost business opportunities.

Be it banking and finance, retail, manufacturing & logistics, or healthcare and wellness, regardless of the sector that your business operates in, you need to know the exact location of your shipments while in transit. The need for this information increases manyfold if you deal in high-value items or documents containing confidential information. Loss of shipment or breach of data confidentiality can have long-term repercussions for your business.

Even when your products are in a warehouse, the knowledge of the exact position and quantity of the product can help you improve the turnaround time of deliveries, especially if you have warehouses across different locations.

With all the possible scenarios put together, you must have robust track & trace support for your business that will not only safeguard the brand image but also encourage complete visibility and 100% traceability across the supply chain. After all, a single tweet from a dissatisfied customer can have a long-term negative impact on your ROI, and timely tracking and tracing can help you avoid any unwanted situations.

Seshaasai – Making a difference

An efficient track & trace solution must be agile enough to connect multiple external stakeholders such as multiple production partners and courier partners and integrate with your business’ internal systems while maintaining integrity, security, and confidentiality.

We, at Seshaasai, have been working with various IoT-powered track and trace technologies, and have created an AI-powered spatial intelligent platform called izeiot. This platform is the backbone of our track and trace solution – eTaTrak – that connects all the stakeholders of your business to a centralised system, allowing 100% transparency and traceability across your entire supply chain.

eTaTrak empowers your business to track shipments and provide alerts and notifications to internal and external stakeholders. Based on your deployment preferences, eTaTrak can be deployed on premise or can be integrated with your existing system through the cloud.

The eTaTrak advantage

eTaTrak can be deployed for various sectors to serve your varied business needs. Whether you need to track retail shipments moving from the warehouse to the retail outlet, or shipments intended directly for the end customer, eTaTrak can give you accurate information. Be it the tracking of degree certificates, personalised prospectus or course study material for distant learning students, or tracking of prescription drugs and medicines, or tracking of products in containers across international borders, eTaTrak’s track and trace information will make it easier for you to provide precise information to all the stakeholders and the end customer. To ease your communication with various stakeholders, we have integrated leading courier partners with the eTaTrak system. This means that irrespective of who your courier partner(s) are, you and your partners benefit from a single widow view for all your shipments across couriers.

Leading players of the BFSI sector are already benefitting from the eTaTrak advantage. It is providing banks and financial institutions the exact location of their shipments in transit that contain confidential and sensitive information in the form of personalised debit or credit cards, cheque books, pin mailers, and financial statements. The solution also has the feature of Relationship Manager-based delivery, and mechanisms for the destruction of sensitive customer documents if they aren’t delivered for a certain period. eTaTrak passes strict VAPT and AppSec to ensure 100% security.

eTaTrak has tracked and delivered 200 crore highly-sensitive payment instruments to the BFSI customers. This translates to 2.4 crore deliveries per month and counting.

eTaTrak keeps evolving and adapting to new technologies and ensures your business is covered from any potential security risks. It also takes into account the importance of the customer satisfaction index. To deliver an enhanced end customer experience, it provides near real-time updates on the ETA. The end customer also gets the option to update delivery-related information such as landmarks, preferred time of delivery, and delivery instructions. Thus, helping your business achieve the perfect delivery every time.


In any business, the customer is key. And higher the Customer Satisfaction Index, better your chances of growing and expanding your business. eTaTrak not only helps you accurately track and locate articles but also maintains transparency with your customers through effective communication, thus, improving your Customer Satisfaction Index every single time.

If your organisation needs an agile, innovative, smart track & trace solution that will improve customer loyalty while connecting all the stakeholders to a centralized system, then contact us today to schedule an exclusive demo.

Check out this case study where communication tracking by eTaTrak improved customer satisfaction ratings of a leading private sector bank.

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