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ET Awards 2022: BEST TECH BRAND IN THE BFSI SECTOR for the second consecutive year.

Smart Packaging Solutions

Automated Smart Packaging Solutions

Smart labels enable product packages to do a lot more than just physical delivery. NFC or RFID tags facilitate direct customer interaction, supply chain visibility and delivery of delicate goods. Seshaasai is a leading manufacturer of high-quality smart packaging solutions that enhance packaging exponentially. The NFC and RFID tags support the customisation of the shipping environment and add a whole new dimension to customer communication. In addition to radio-frequency systems (RF), Seshaasai’s intelligent packaging solutions involve QR codes and barcodes that enable both active and automated packaging solutions.

The smart packaging solutions are ideal for any business that require data security at every level, from dispatch to delivery. With a centralised, encrypted network, all the provided data is securely transferred in a presentable manner that makes for attractive packaging solutions. With our intelligent packaging solution, you can customise packaging for your customers in a manner that promote brand visibility and integrity.

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