eTaTrak | Enhance Your Supply Chain Visibility with Seshaasai's Complete Deliverables & Logistics Management Solution.

ET Awards 2022: BEST TECH BRAND IN THE BFSI SECTOR for the second consecutive year.

eTaTrak- Complete Deliverables And Logistics Management

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The Smarter Way
To Track Shipments

eTaTrak connects your entire supply chain and logistics to your systems and provides a seamless article delivery service for you to track the movement of your product.


Perfect Integration

A deliverables management system set up in 2013 that ensures that the core systems, production partners, delivery partners, and customers are all intricately connected to ensure a customer experience that encourages loyalty.

Customer in Focus

Your customer is the king. They would receive periodic notifications and updates of their shipments through email and SMS or whatsapp, guaranteeing them complete satisfaction.

Large Volumes? Not a challenge

eTaTrak has the ability to handle large volumes of deliverables with elan and with perfect monitoring and control.

Everyone is connected

With eTaTrak, it is not just about precision in delivery but is also about keeping all the stake holders in the process in the knowhow with complete visibility. Right from the supplier to the final delivery, everyone is aware and ready.

Reduced Returns

With complete visibility and periodic notifications to the customer in their preferred mode of communication, you can be assured of a seamless delivery experience resulting in reduced RTO’s.

Analytics & Actionable Insights

Monitor the performance of each business partner at every stage, receive detailed vendor performance assessment reports and estimated vendor billing assistance that help you make informed decisions.

Choose The Right eTaTrak For Your Business

One size does not fit all. That is why we have created three editions of eTaTrak – Lite, Pro & Max. Depending on your deployment preference and security policy we can deploy eTaTrak on premise or on cloud.


eTaTrak has the competitive edge

Frequently Asked Questions

Shipment tracking in business is the process of knowing the current location of goods and packages. This is facilitated by on premise or cloud based solutions. The tracking solution connects your order management system, production partners or suppliers, delivery/courier or shipment partners and the end customer. Each of them keep updating the status of the goods in the tracking solution.

eTaTrak is one such solution which can be deployed on premise as well on the cloud. eTaTrak can track electronic article deliveries too.

Yes, you can track the exact location of your deliveries and packages. You can use sensors, NFC, RFID and networks like Bluetooth, GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi along with a track and trace solution to track the exact location and condition of your deliveries and package.

izeiot platform from Seshaasai, along with eTaTrak can help you to track the exact condition and location of your deliveries.

Tracking is following the forward path (From Source to destination) of goods and packages while they are on the move. Tracing, more than often is following the reverse path (Destination to Source) find the location of your goods and packages. To trace effectively, the track and trace platform needs to have the required features.

Real-time tracking means knowing the precise location of the goods and packages while they are on the move. The private cab services, map services like Google Maps, provide real-time tracking.

RTLS stands for Real Time Location services. This is same as real-time tracking. RTLS can be used for tracking assets in indoor or outdoor locations. eTaTrak along with izeiot platform from Seshaasai can help you to track the exact condition and location of your deliveries.

The best tracking platform is the one that can be tailored to your needs and the one that can be integrate easily with the legacy systems of the stakeholders in the supply chain.

Asset tracking usually refers to tracking physical and human assets using sensors, NFC, RFID and networks like Bluetooth, GPS, GSM and Wi-Fi.