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ET Awards 2022: BEST TECH BRAND IN THE BFSI SECTOR for the second consecutive year.

RFID Inventory & Labels Manufacturers

Seshaasai focuses on high quality RFID technology to create cutting-edge smart tag solutions. Our RFID tags and systems perform precise identification processes of both people and objects with attention to data security. From ETCs and campus ids to luggage and apparel management, we build RFID systems that automate core business functions across sectors.

Electronic Toll Collection System

RFID Inventory & Labels Manufacturers
Seshaasai’ smart mobility solutions are powered by our high quality RFID FasTags for electronic toll collection systems (ETC). Empaneled with the National Payments Council of India (NPCI) and Automotive Research Association of India (ARAI), we produce numerous personalised ETC tags in high security environment. Customers fit these minimally designed RFID-enabled FasTags on vehicle windscreens. Linked to prepaid wallet accounts, they are easily rechargeable through debit cards, credit cards or online banking. From a maximum distance of 26 feet, the tags transmit transactional data to RFID readers installed at toll booths through highly secure networks preventing congestion and improving movement. Automated SMS notifications alert customers about low credit balance and toll transactions that keep them informed at all times. Our RFID solutions have successfully automated numerous ETC systems across the country. We continue to use the latest technology in developing advanced smart city solutions, convenient for all stakeholders. Contact us to find out more