Seshaasai | Trusted and Certified Smart Payment Cards Manufacturing Partner For all your contact and contactless Cards

ET Awards 2022: BEST TECH BRAND IN THE BFSI SECTOR for the second consecutive year.

Contact and contactless Smart Card Manufacturer certified by Visa Mastercard RuPay and NPCI

Contact-based Cards

We develop high-quality and personalised EMV chip-based and RFID tag-integrated intelligent magnetic strip cards in high security environments. From large orders to smaller quantities, we provide customisable authentication methods that execute a range of applications including but not limited to smart payments, identification and transportation. Our infrastructure enables us to produce large quantities and auto collate them into corresponding documents with precision and speed.

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Special Features
  • Compliant with regulatory norms
  • Customisable authentication methods

Multi-Utility Contactless Cards

Multi-Utility Contactless Cards Contactless cards complete transactions without physical contact between the terminal and the card. These cards are embedded with NFC tags and powered by in-built antennae, which accelerate transaction speeds. Seshaasai provides a range of customised open-loop and closed-loop cards that can be used at multiple locations or within a single territory. From dual interface credit cards and debit cards to gift and prepaid cards, Seshaasai can design, manufacture and personalise large quantities with speed and efficiency while safeguarding and securing customer data.

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Special Features
  • Rigorous quality checks
  • Strict compliance with data security regulations
  • NFC-enabled
  • Easy and consistent brand integration

Transit Cards

We offer transit cards exclusively for transportation services such as Public road transport, metro, or railways that facilitate smart mobility. These cards support flexible fare arrangements and discounts. These transit cards enhance user convenience, power ETCs and support government organisations by increasing digital transactions. The future of transportation is ‘smart,’ and our cost-effective solutions enable quick user throughput empowering government organisations make the most of their infrastructure.

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Biometric Cards

Biometric authentication involves using physical attributes unique to each individual. Although its implementation is incipient, they mark the future of authenticating user identity, opening it up to a number of applications. Seshaasai’s biometric cards stores fingerprints or iris scans as a unique number, which can then be compared when completing a transaction.

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Gift Cards

Gift cards one of the most effective marketing tools, increasing sales and site visits. Seshaasai offers new-age techniques coupled with application software that enable brand consistency that reaches a large number of people at low costs and enhance overall customer experience.

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Campus Cards

Sustainable campus solutions involve building its own payment facility. Students create accounts in a bank partnered with the university or college. They receive co-branded prepaid cards connected to their accounts, which allow parents, sponsors and guardians to fund students for services within the campus. The concerned Sponsor/ Parent/ Guardian can set one or various monthly limits on the cards which the student can use for purchases on campus, withdraw cash from on-campus ATM’s and gain loyalty points with the bank.

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