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Secure Communication Solutions

Secure Communication Solutions

Customers today prefer communication channels that allow instantaneous, efficient and personalised interaction. Our Smart Secure Communication solutions underline the needs of India’s unique demographic and geographic landscapes that comply with regulatory standards. We have developed an omni channel communication platform (RUBIC) that connects traditional customer communication with digital experiences. An AI-integrated system with data mining capabilities, our solutions give you a powerful, secure and accurate communication delivery system.

From generating nuanced personalised customer communications such as policy documents, financial statements and utility bills to interacting with your customers in multiple vernacular languages, our systems take care of it all. Data security underpins all our innovations. Our Smart Secure Communication solutions anticipate challenges in the future to remain ahead in the present.

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Application And Products

Customer Communication Management - RUBIC


A robust omnichannel customer communication management (CCM) system platform with immense capability in generating any kind of communication, from business documents to full-fledged marketing campaigns across various outputs such as print, email, web, mobile and social media. RUBIC handles complexities with ease, while meeting data concerns and ensuring watertight security.

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Intelligent Accounts Receivable Communication Management

Do you often wish that there was a better way of communicating with your customers that would make them feel cared for, and help you get your payment recovery in time? Trust us, you are not alone. Millions of organisations face the challenge of sending reminders that has the right tone and language that would encourage customers to make timely payments.


This is where we step in. Our intelligent accounts receivable communication management, a secure and personalised communication solution, will ensure that every communication that is going out to a customer is not only encrypted but articulately worded for that customer alone. We offer an end-to-end support for personalised communication – from generating and sending bespoke communication to tracking, delivery, and follow-ups.

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IntARcM -Intelligent Accounts Receivables Managemnt Solution by Seshaasai

Customer Communication Products

Customer communications products be it direct mail, loyalty programs or highly secure documents contain confidential data and can be a challenge to set up and maintain with high amount of risk involved. It is therefore important to ensure that only authorised users have access to such sensitive documents. We adopt stringent security measures through both hardware and software to ensure data security in a way that ensures complete control over when, where and in what form the final output is generated, and more importantly by whom.

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