Seshaasai RUBIC | Personalised omnichannel and Secure Customer Communication Management Solution to Enhance your Customer Experience

ET Awards 2022: BEST TECH BRAND IN THE BFSI SECTOR for the second consecutive year.

Business and Personalised Communication Management

RUBIC is a comprehensive customer communication management solution that enables you to reach people located anywhere in an instant. A data-driven solution, RUBIC generates high volumes of personalised customer communication.

It is easily integrated into corporate core systems and streamlines customer communication making it consistent across all channels -web, print and mobile. RUBIC’s in-built algorithms and data-mining features ensure that each communication is effective, precise and reliable. Data is encrypted throughout its workflow and is purged from the system once the job is complete. The system eliminates multiple document generation and personalisation is based on customers’ cross-account activity, history and broader behavioural, demographic and geographical parameters.

Omnichannel and Personalised Communication Management

Whenever a communication command originates in your system, RUBIC simultaneously generates preformatted documents for preferred communication channels and schedules them for delivery. From monthly account and policy statements to alerts and notifications, RUBIC creates automated rule-based communication documents in print, email, SMS, Whatsapp and web with bitly links in real time and in vernacular languages. Its advanced document management system optimises layouts, formats output, schedules and coordinates each delivery.

  • Clear visually appealing document design with whitespace management 
  • Content is simplified and eloquent keeping information relevant and clear for intended customers
  • Compliant with regulatory and corporate standards
  • Instant multilingual communication documents
  • Output can be converted into braille and audio
  • Runs entire campaigns and provides insightful performance analytics
  • Capable of generating time bound transpromo offers enhancing customer experience and cross-selling of products and services
  • Remote Vendor Access
  • Data-mining capabilities that informs accurate personalisation of communication documents
  • Multichannel communication support
How RUBIC will enhance Customer Experience
  • Single platform that powers your business’s interaction with your entire customer base across print, web and mobile delivery channels
  • A trigger and rule-based communication system that enables you to provide consistent communication for individual customers in no time
  • Enhance customer experience with highly personalised communication documents involving relevant transpromo offers in multiple vernacular languages
  • Save costs on document design, delivery and inventory management 
  • Incorporate Social Media messaging on Whatsapp, LinkedIn and Facebook
  • Create value out of large amounts of unstructured and continuous data streams generated by your business

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