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Elite Payments

Elite Payments by Seshaasai is the ultimate destination for all your premier payment needs! Our range of payment products includes, metal cards, payment wearables, smart wearables, payment watch straps, keyfobs, and other wearable payment devices that offer a premier payment experience to your banks and FinTechs customers. 
Metal Cards 
Metal Card

Our metal cards are the epitome of sophistication and premier. Made from premium materials, they offer unparalleled durability and style that sets them apart from traditional payment cards.In today’s competitive landscape, finance institutions are challenged to find ways to retain current customers and attract new ones. Seshaasai’s metal payment cards offer a unique opportunity to issuers to provide a distinctive, high-end cardholder experience that appeals to the premier market. Seshaasai’s metal cards can help issuers not only expand their reach and accessibility, but also enhance the prestige of their rewards programs and offerings, allowing them to tap into new segments of developed markets.

At Seshaasai, we take pride in our dual interface metal cards, which are perfect for stylish contactless payments. Our metal cards are the preferred choice for Elite Payments customers in India, providing the most elegant and premium payment solutions available. Our extensive range includes metal debit cards, and metal credit cards that are available in two variants that are: 

  • Hybrid metal card: Made from hybrid metal that have a similar look and feel to full metal cards but have a polymer back, allowing for personalization that is like plastic cards. They weigh 17 grams and are the most preferred type of metal cards.
  • HeavyInsert metal card: Utilizing a similar manufacturing process to contactless plastic cards, these cards replace the antenna layer with a metal layer. The difference between this and edge-to-edge cards is that no metal is visible.

Don’t settle for ordinary payment cards when you can elevate the cardholder status with Seshaasai’s metal cards. At Seshaasai, we understand that card weight is an essential differentiator and cardholders appreciate the look and feel of heavy metal cards. Not only does the weight of your card help to make it more attractive, but it can also lead to your card becoming the top choice of your wallet. 

Design considerations are crucial when it comes to metal cards, as the card is the primary manifestation of the issuer brand that customers always carry with them. With Seshaasai’s metal cards, you can choose from a variety of design options including custom mechanical/laser engraving or etching, personalization on the back of the card, or even a vertical card design. 

Experience the luxury and exclusivity that comes with carrying a metal card from Seshaasai. Elevate your card holder’s payment experience and choose the best metal credit cards in India with Elite Payments.

Payment Wearables 
Payment Wearables

At Seshaasai, we believe in the power of wearable payment technology. That’s why we offer a wide range of wearable payment devices, including payment watch straps, keyfobs, bracelets, keychains and other wearable contactless payment devices. Our payment wearables are designed to make life easier by enabling contactless payments on the go, without the need for cash or cards. Thus, users can enjoy the ultimate in convenience, style, and security while transacting. Our payment wearables are the outcome of the R&D team at Seshaasai who specialize in developing wearables and other form factors that incorporate relevant technologies with payment chips to make the product payment-capable. Our offerings range from silicon bands, acrylic and leather key fobs to leather bracelets and watch straps.

Whether you prefer an analogue or digital watch or a fitness tracker, our technology is compact enough to fit all styles of wristwear.Our payment wearables are an independent mode of payment that does not require internet connectivity or Bluetooth access. All data security measures that are prevalent in debit/credit cards exist in our payment watch straps, ensuring secure transactions.

In addition to our payment devices, we offer packaging, kitting, deliverables management, and vault storage services, ensuring that the challenges of product manufacturing are met right up to the final delivery. Experience the future of payments, that prioritize security, design, and efficiency with Elite Payments.

ELITE Payments premier payment options are the perfect choice for banks looking to offer their HNI and priority customers a truly exclusive payment experience. With features like exclusivity, craftsmanship, elegance, and security, our products offer a range of benefits that can positively impact your customers and your business. So why wait? Elevate your payment experience with ELITE today.

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