Seshaasi Ttrackize | Easy Track and Trace Solutions

ET Awards 2022: BEST TECH BRAND IN THE BFSI SECTOR for the second consecutive year.


Ttrackize aims to provide government bodies, SME, corporate-small, medium and large, factories, and campuses with a preventive and tracing aid. While on one hand the device focuses on employee safety and protection, on the other it helps control the movement of individuals in quarantine. Be it at your home, a small set-up or a large quarantine facility, geofencing and location monitoring will assist authorities to plan for upcoming challenges. Ttrackize can also be used by individuals to make sure that they travel safely in their city, and be compliant with regulations, and time & travel restrictions in certain areas. 

Our AI based spatial intelligence platform izeiot communicates with a range of Ttrackize devices. Currently Ttrackize is available in two variants.

Ttrackize W1   &   Ttrackize W2

Ttrackize W1
  • Combines Wi-Fi, GSM and BLE technologies
  • Provides all-day protection with updated information about containment zones
  • Provides notifications & alerts if the individual enters a containment zone during transit
  • Helps in safe travel route mapping
  • Can be synchronized to smartphone
Ttrackize W2
  • Combines Wi-Fi, BLE, GSM & GPS technologies
  • Has geofencing capability
  • Provides constant monitoring and tracing of individuals’ movement
  • Provides instant warning alerts in case of deviations
  • Gives a single view of the entire designated zone

Ttrackize W1 has been designed for individual’s safety in mind. The list of unsafe areas is constantly being updated by local authorities. Ttrackize W1 will provide this real-time information to individuals so that they can plan their safe travel. It will send notifications to the individual when entering an unsafe area as well as alerting the other stake holders about any accidental deviations ensuring timely action and application of safety measures.

The video below showcases the functionalities of Ttrackize W1

Features of Ttrackize W1

Ttrackize W2 is a unique and smart solution to ensure advanced quarantine management in isolation centres, containment areas, and for those under home quarantine.

Ttrackize W2 has been designed to ensure monitoring and tracing of the user of the device within set geofenced boundaries and to notify relevant authorities in case of any transgressions or deviations.

The video below showcases the functionalities of Ttrackize W2

Features of Ttrackize W2