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Intelligent Accounts Receivable Communication Management

No one likes to keep debts. But there can be occasional delays in payments. If your customer has not been able to make a timely payment due to a personal crisis, they would be happy to receive a concerned enquiry rather than a harsh reminder. Take a step forward and ask about their well-being, and give them a gentle reminder, they would appreciate the gesture, and make timely payment in the future.

Our Intelligent Accounts Receivable Communication Management (IntARcM) services will help you move away from the standard communication templates, and achieve this objective by enhancing your customer esteem and improving timely recoveries and customer retention.

With You Get

Data Management

Data Management

This is the backbone of our entire process. We consolidate all your customer data, from the time they opened their account with you to their latest transaction, with the help of AI.

This helps us understand their behaviour and communication pattern with your organisation.

All the data is mapped to their account number and customer ID so that communications don’t get mixed up.

Personalised Communication Repository

No two customers are alike. Therefore, no two communications can be alike. We maintain a repository of communications based on the purpose of the communication, the sequence number of the letter (in case of follow-ups), your customers’ statutes and jurisdiction, and their preferred language of communication. We also take into account their communication history with you to understand the channels of communication that they are most comfortable with. This ensures that your customer always receives the right communication with relevant content, in their preferred language, and through their preferred mode of communication.

There may be times when, despite all your best efforts, you may need to take legal recourse for recovery. Even in these times, firm but polite communication will give better results than harsh emails and calls. We maintain an updated database of your empanelled lawyers in each jurisdiction, and ensure that legal letters are sent to customers through proper channels and follow all the necessary compliance regulations for timely results.

Secure Communication Generation

Secure Communication Generation

In today’s technological times, you may choose to connect with your customers through letters, emails, SMS, or even WhatsApp.

Whichever mode you choose, the communication should be secure as it may contain sensitive information. We ensure that whatever be your chosen mode of communication, it is always encrypted.

Even when your customer demands communication in vernacular language, we adapt it to meet all regional requirements.


Any communication that is sent out also needs to be tracked.

Be it physical communication like courier or post, or digital communication like emails, SMS, and WhatsApp, we maintain regular status updates throughout the delivery cycle.

Through our proprietary tracking solution, eTaTrak, we can track every customer communication. We also take care of RTO (return to origin) management for all types of physical communication where we follow-up in case a post or courier is returned undelivered, re-dispatch, and also ensure that it reaches the intended customer through alternate digital means.

physical communication - tracking
customer communication

Archive & Retrieve

The most important aspect of customer communication is often the most overlooked – archival and retrieval.

You may need to access certain communication after a few days or months. Proper documentation and archival will ensure that you can access any required communication in no time.

We maintain detailed archives of all communication, physical and digital, along with physical storage of letters and confirmation receipts.

We provide a secure retrieval mechanism of any archived document at the time of need.


  • Customised communication to defaulters based on their repayment history
  • Proper tracking of all communication
  • Communication proof maintained with detailed records
  • Available across different channels – print and electronic
  • Available in English/Hindi/Vernacular
  • RTO management
  • Digital archive and easy retrieval of all communication for future reference
  • E-storage and physical storage
  • Scan of POD and AD for reference
  • Complete data security