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Smart Traceability Solutions

secure and accurate track & trace solutions

Our secure and accurate smart traceability solutions are built for a varied range of geographies and demographics. Through the latest RFID tags and technology, proprietary QR codes and barcode labels, our traceability solutions overcome unique business challenges. Supply chain visibility is enhanced with the ability to leverage data sourced at all points. Millions of articles can be traced until the last mile across the country through unique identification codes. Traceability is significantly improved with accurate information on history, location and status of every product.


Whether you want instance information while on the move or want to trace the exact location of your products and the status of the other stake holders, our smart traceability solutions provide devices and interfaces to meet all your business needs. They also provide an interface for your customers for transparent communication at all times. Take the next step to getting a transparent and convenient traceability solution for your business.


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Application And Products

NextGen RFID tags by Seshaasai

NextGen RFID

Our Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are typically used to search, identify, and track items or communicate and intimate people. Partnered with Alien, Avery Dennison, NXP, and Zebra, we provide leading-edge RFID tags to businesses and government organizations. Our tag range is well suited for supply chain visibility, asset tracking, warehouse management, access control, identification & payments. Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing infrastructure and industry expertise, we help organizations solve difficult and complex RFID challenges.

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Timely information can be our biggest ally in the face of a global pandemic, with this aim, we have developed Ttrackize – a smart wearable device to assist individuals and corporate, and also to aid government and local health authorities trace those in quarantine. Available in two models – Ttrackize W1 and Ttrackize W2 – the device comes with a control panel to provide alerts and notifications to concerned authorities. Individuals can use the device to plan their travel and avoid unsafe zones in their city. Ttrackize W1 comes with the option to be synced with smartphones for additional information. And in these times of manpower crunch, we provide complete backend, surveillance & monitoring support to all Ttrackize users.

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Trackize - a track and trace solution

Article Delivery Tracking - etatrak


A very crucial requirement for most organisations is that a communication that has been generated for a customer reaches that customer. Thus, tracking that communication becomes equally important. Communication can be through physical or electronic means. Our proprietary track and trace solution for article delivery, eTaTrak is a Deliverables and Logistics Management System that provides a single window view to track and trace various articles that are sent to a customer across a vast geography through multiple carriers.

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Article Authentication (Barcodes, QR codes, RFID)

Smart traceability for article authentication and verification is a system that would help prevent threats of counterfeiting, misbranded, or diverted products by providing an online check of the primary pack of the said product. The system also provides feasibility to end customers to verify the critical information regarding a purchased product or a product intended for purchase. We manufacture smart tags built with RFID systems for automated identification of objects and people. These are commonly used for personal identification, authentication and to view information by scanning the tags. RFID technology addresses patient care validation, tracing, and extending services to families. In addition, assisted-GPS technologies provide wide-area tracing of assets and people in new and important ways for patient safety.

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Article Authentication system


Smart Campus

Our RFID Smart Campus ID card complies with the ISO/IEC 7810 ID-1 standard that has integrated circuits embedded in it that can process information. These cards can contain holograms, QR codes or bar codes, unique identification codes as well as the student photograph printed on the card. Apart from the printed information additional information can be added and stored on the RFID chip that can automate a number of processes.

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Smart Packaging

Our range of barcode, QR code and RFID labels can be used across garments, FMCG and consumer durables and aids in the tracing and inventory of such products. Enhanced features such as specifications, composition and content, pricing, expiry date and batch codes can be embedded into these labels.

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barcode, QR code and RFID labels by Seshaasai

Aadhar card project by Seshaasai

National Identity Cards

The National Identity card is used by governments of many countries as a means of tracing their citizens, permanent residents, and temporary residents for the purposes of work, taxation, government benefits, health care, and other government related functions. Seshaasai has participated in a number of such initiatives involving communication of the government with its citizens. The Identity project: Aadhar card, smart ID projects, the electoral role, health projects and smart city projects are some of such prestigious projects fulfilled by Seshaasai for the government.

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