Seshaasai Merchant QR Code solution | For Contactless, Secure and Convenient Payment Collections

ET Awards 2022: BEST TECH BRAND IN THE BFSI SECTOR for the second consecutive year.

QR Code Solution

Merchant QR Code Kits

Contactless payment is fast becoming the new normal. QR codes can be scanned for almost all kinds of transactions today, right from making payments at restaurants to making payments at local stores. Getting a QR code solution for your business will be the right step towards increased revenue and long-term customer loyalty.

Why do you need a Merchant QR Code Kit?

Whether your customer isn’t carrying enough cash or would like to make a payment while on the move, Seshaasai’s QR code solution will enable them to interact with your business within seconds, without the need for physical contact.

Through Merchant QR Code Kits, your business can:

  • Avoid the hassle of handing cash
  • Allow your customers to make contactless payments within seconds, whether at stores, outlets, or their homes
  • Ensure end-to-end encryption of data at the time of QR code embedment for complete data security
  • Empower your business to go contactless and improve customer experience
  • Become future-ready to meet the expectations of the smart customer


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Customise your Merchant QR Code Kits for style and convenience

QR codes don’t only have to be table tops and signages. You can also insert your QR code into products, and gift them to your loyal customers. These not only build up brand loyalty for your business but also make it convenient to receive and accept payments through branded memorabilia.

We can provide you multi-form-factor QR code services for:

  • Store standees
  • Table tops
  • Signages for displays
  • Table organisers
  • Pen stands
  • Logo embossed bill folders
  • Adhesive sealed, tamper-proof stickers with personalised QR codes for receiving payments at time of delivery
  • Fridge magnets
  • Key chains
  • Any gift item of your choice

The Seshaasai Advantage

We understand the need for secure transactions that also provide satisfactory customer service. Our Merchant QR Code Kits are made of premium quality materials and are encrypted for complete data security. Every QR code solution can be customised to meet the unique needs for each organisation. Whether your organisation has multiple outlets across the country or have to collect payments on deliveries, we can help your business adapt multi- form-factor QR code services that will enhance customer delight, while providing a smart and contactless way to receive payments. Our kits are unique, minimalistic, interoperable, and support multi-utility programs, making it easy for every business of every scale to shift from traditional methods to smart and contactless ways of transaction.

Don’t wait to give your customers the contactless experience.