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Smart Fulfillment

At Seshaasai, we use our long-standing domain expertise to understand your core marketing objectives and offer a range of customized services. Every enterprise, large or small, geared for growth has unique inventory requirements. Branches and centres operate daily through business documents, marketing collateral, stationary and a number of other stock items. Seshaasai offers a smart solution that streamlines the entire inventory management process. Seshaasai’s Smart Fulfillment solutions are enabled by our robust infrastructure at 12 strategic locations across the country and dedicated project consultants. We have the capacity to meet on-demand commercial print requirements that are both time sensitive and cost-effective.

Our end-to-end inventory and order management system (IOMS) drives our Smart Fulfillment solutions. It is a cost-effective application that streamlines your inventory management to ensure consistent quality and optimised logistics of every order through identifiers such as unique reference numbers. The system encompasses document and warehouse management to document delivery. Scaling has never been this simple and precise. Explore the full extent of our solutions below and get in touch with us now.

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Application And Products

A Complete Smart Fulfillment Solution

A consistent brand experience, the quality of finished products and raw materials being used, the consistency in brand colors, the availability of raw material on time, not having to interact with multiple vendors, control and tracking,managing low inventory and wastage are some of the many challenges any industry couldface. Our Smart fulfillment solutions combine state-of-the-art secure technology capabilities, coupled with industry expertise, to provide a tailored approach to fulfillment and document needs. With a robust infrastructure spread across 12 locations, our Smart Fulfillment Solutions are designed to meet on-demand requirements, and ensure time and cost-efficient deliveries anywhere across the country.

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IOMS (Inventory and Order Management System)

Seshaasai’s Smart fulfillment solution is driven by our proprietary IOMS (Inventory and Order Management System) software. It is a web based application for ordering, delivery and tracking of material from the vendor to respective branch locations with central monitoring and control. Inventory and stock management at each individual branch can now be available for intelligent future ordering.

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