About Us

From transactions to identification, our proprietary software programs prioritise data security. Through cutting-edge technology such as AI, robotic automation, big data, IoT, and various communication systems & protocols, we convert sensitive customer data into diverse personalised products and trans-media communication. As technology partners we ensure that our solutions reduce risk, accelerate speed, and increases business capacity. From financial institutions and healthcare to education and government, Seshaasai has successfully transformed business challenges into competitive opportunities.

The impact of our pioneering technology solutions is helping businesses evolve across the globe. Offering a range of smart and secure solutions, Seshaasai is taking ‘Make in India’ to the world. With customer presence across the Middle East, various parts of APAC and the African continent, we are ready to partner with global companies as their technology solutions provider and help them move ahead of the times.

Technology Partners - Seshaasai

Our Vision

IoT Solution Provider

Be the most Preferred Technology Solutions Provider enabling our Customers to empower their Communication, Transaction, Compliance and Digitisation with Integrity and Data Security as our core foundation, touching millions of lives and benefiting all stakeholders.


VISA, Mastercard & NPCI

We are certified by VISA, Mastercard & NPCI as a highly secure card manufacturer. Our infrastructure and manufacturing processes for products such as EMV chip-based cards to contactless cards and NPCI approved FasTags for ETC, We meet every security requirement. Click the options below to find out more about their regulations:


IBA Certification

As a pioneer of secure printing in India, Seshaasai is the only organisation where 7 of our 12 printing units are licensed by the Indian Banks Association (IBA). This implies that our expansive infrastructure and print technology are up to date in compliance and innovation. Click here to know more about IBA regulations

PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard)

Seshaasai is certified by the PCI DSS data security standards applicable to all card manufacturers. This standard is mandatory for major credit card companies such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. Confidential data stored in cards are completely protected according to international standards of information security. From encrypted networks to thorough vulnerability management mechanisms, stringent data security underpins all our solutions. Click here to know more on PCI DSS standards.

ISO Certifications ( 9001-2015,27001-2013)

High quality solutions require rigorous attention to detail to meet customer and regulatory requirements. Seshaasai has a number of ISO certifications that guide quality and information security management. Click here to learn more about various ISO standards and certifications.

ISO 14298 (Intergraf certification)

Seshaasai’s unparalleled expertise is a legacy of 20 years in the secure print industry. Our Intergraf certification is an acknowledgement of partnerships with various organisations that deal with sensitive data and counterfeit prevention. Seshaasai ensures the highest levels of security throughout our operations. From print machines and production facilities to production processes and information security, Seshaasai’s unequivocal focus on security makes us the most trusted technology partner in the country. Click here to read more on Intergraf standards

Our Team

Pragnyat Lalwani


Pragnyat plays a key role in defining the company strategy in using technology and innovation to maintain Seshaasai’s leadership in the industry.

His appetite for risk taking and a love for the unconventional have resulted in path-breaking innovations. He strongly believes that as a team one can execute any work, in any sector. He is focused on strengthening strategic partnerships with customers, increasing customer relevance and evolving the company’s technical vision to complement its business vision.

Gautam Jain


Gautam brings his broad experience across the financial sector and manages our day-to-day operational and financial planning.

Gautam has a sense of humor and is flexible, quick thinking and possesses an entrepreneurial flair. His experience as a smart working leader, handling hi-tech projects and executing with international standards has given Seshaasai an edge in managing the stringent demands of international customers.

Ganesha Srinivasan

With an eye for detail, Ganesh’s responsibilities at Seshaasai include corporate finance, international taxation and risk management.

Since its inception Ganesh has been managing the entire financial portfolio with élan. Equipped with a Masters’ degree in finance, Ganesh plays a key role in tracking cash flow as well as analyzing the company’s financial strengths and weaknesses and proposing corrective actions, as also securing resources to fund Seshaasai’s aggressive growth strategy.

Sanjay Tikotekar

Sanjay is passionate about moulding people and managing the business operations. He has a firm focus on overall performance and an expertise in determining the company’s mission & strategic direction as conveyed through policies & corporate objectives.

He is actively involved in developing inclusive planning processes, translating strategies into quantifiable action plans and mobilising and managing teams charged with executing strategies.

Bosco Mascarenhas

A Sales and Marketing professional to the core, Bosco is adept in the solutions approach to meeting business needs.

His focus is on exploring new possibilities, developing new initiatives, leading a high performance team from the front and ensuring delivery of high quality services to support customer’s business needs. Achieving continued high customer satisfaction for services is his priority.

Sandeep Khurana

Sandeep, a graduate of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), has been leading our IT and development team since 1998.

He leads the software, systems, infrastructure and cloud architecture teams and is responsible for system architecture, application development, maintenance, testing and re-engineering of all customer facing applications.

Venkat Sandhi

Venkat oversees our production operations since 2001. His experience includes process improvement across printing technology, including finishing and mailing solutions.

His passion lies in steering the manufacturing work processes, securing day-to-day production planning and fulfilment of customer needs in a timely manner with high quality products and services.

Harish Mayya

Harish has been driving the Process Outsourcing and Logistics divisions of the company.

A qualified ISO auditor himself, he has played a major role in the pan-India ISO implementation. He likes to constantly work on bettering systems and processes.

Pavan Kumar

Pavan is a qualified Chartered Accountant from the ICAI with more than 12 years of experience in the consulting, assurance & tax domains.

He currently heads the Compliance Solutions at Seshaasai which encompasses Tax Technology & Accounting software’s for SME’s globally. He also works with the management on new initiatives & overall business strategies to spur growth.