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Communication tracking by eTaTrak improved customer satisfaction ratings- A case study

Client: A Leading Private Sector Bank

Problems Faced:

  • Low customer satisfaction scores – 5 on a Scale of 10
  • Pain Point: Providing accurate status information regarding order statements & chequebooks to customers

Seshaasai’s Collaborative Innovation:

Seshaasai’s team engaged with the customer’s operations and call centre team to understand their complex operations – work flow and data flow. Their joint analysis indicated the below challenges:

  • The call centre had no visibility about the real-time status of the communication. The only information they had was that the communication had been dispatched.
  • Most of the time the call centre executives put customer calls on hold while they tried to find the required information, leading to increased dissatisfaction amongst customers.
  • The call centre executives would also try to explain that they were not privy to the information and only the bank branch could provide the exact status, making it an unending cycle for the customer.

A detailed Root Cause Analysis indicated the urgent need to track every communication sent to each customer at every touch point.

Seshaasai’s eTaTrak was implemented to address the issue. As a centralised system, the call centre was provided an access to all the relevant information. Since eTaTrak integrates a number of courier partners through APIs, real-time status updates were received and provided to customers. We also provided their end customers with an interface where they could track the delivery, provide a landmark for the address location, and suggest a preferred time of delivery. eTaTrak also helped the bank to track and measure the agreed turnaround time of the partner vendors, and improve their own turnaround time in the process.

Making a Difference:

In the first 60 days the bank improved their customer satisfaction rating from 5 points to 7 points.

  • They can now provide instant updates to customers and address their grievances
  • The number of calls pertaining to status have reduced by 38%

They have reduced the average call time from 3.5 minutes to 1.2 minutes that has helped them save time and cater to more customers on any given day.

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