Tax compliance can be a complex task, especially with changing regulations. Businesses need technology that incorporates compliance laws and procedures accurately. GSTeGenie is a leading Goods and Services Tax (GST) solution that files returns on the taxes with simplicity and security. Relevant to large corporates and small business owners, GSTeGenie customises filing GST returns. Its GST integration enables you to access and file returns directly on the GSTIN (GST website). The application can be implemented in-house or on cloud, giving you flexible team and role-based user management options. GSTeGenie supports business leaders and tax departments in navigating the Goods and Services Tax Act (GST) through intelligent and automated GST management and various reports in a highly secure environment. Contact us now to find out more

How GSTeGenie makes compliance with GST regulations so convenient

  • Automates the full range of GST compliance structure: GSTR 1, 2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 6, 6A and 7.
  • Accepts data in multiple formats
  • Calculates accurate GST payable on every transaction, based on multiple verification criteria and exceptions unique to businesses and regions
  • In built maker and checker systems
  • Generates large volumes of compliant-based GST invoices from raw data
  • Exceptional reconciliation with the capability to Identify and check errors on data before or after filing GST returns; enables reverse feeds
  • One stop access to PAN India GST data
  • Automated preparation and filing of GST returns through DSC
  • Multi-stakeholder access enabling role and team based task allocation
  • High security environment with encrypted data, audit trails and two-step authentication access to GSTN
  • Comprehensive support to chartered accounts and tax consultants
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