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Smart Wearable Tech

You got the latest clothes, stylish shoes, trendsetting accessories. Then why use age-old methods of payment? Leave behind your bulky wallets & purses, and let your watch make your payments.

Contactless payments watch powered by Seshaasai will ensure that you can shop, pay utility bills, book tickets, and do much more, without having to carry a wallet all the time.

The secure and certified, Near-Field Communication (NFC) embedded technology, a pioneering innovation made by the R&D team at Seshaasai, allows contactless payments at any contactless POS terminal, making transactions fast, convenient, and secure. Whether you like analogue or digital watches, or prefer a fitness tracker, the technology is compact enough to fit all styles of wrist wear.

Above all, all data security measures that are prevalent in your debit/credit card will also exist in your payments watch, making it an independent mode of payment. You don’t need any internet connectivity or Bluetooth access to make payments.

Gift yourself the ability to travel light in style.


  • Make instant payments with a single tap
  • Compatible with all contactless POS machines
  • No need for internet connectivity or battery
  • No need for a PIN for transactions up to INR 5,000 (as per RBI guidelines)
  • Secure and certified payment chip for zero-contact payment
  • Remotely switch off the payment functionality of the watch
  • Stylish new-age designs

Become a trend setter with a contactless payment watch.

Smart Wearable Tech