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ET Awards 2022: BEST TECH BRAND IN THE BFSI SECTOR for the second consecutive year.

Picture Personalisation

As India's preferred smart card manufacturer, Seshaasai understands the significance of personalization in delivering memorable and meaningful experiences to banking customers. The company is proud to unveil its groundbreaking Picture Personalization service, catering to credit, debit, prepaid cards, NFC-powered payment stickers, keychains, and merchant QR code kits. With Seshaasai, customers now have the opportunity to add their personal touch to their payment devices, enabling them to express their individuality and establish an emotional connection.

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Research indicates that offering customers the ability to customize their cards with personal photos yields remarkable outcomes. According to research done in developed countries revealed that financial institutions providing card artwork customization tools experienced superior performance compared to generic designs. These institutions witnessed an additional 21% increase in transactions and an impressive 18% improvement in customer retention.

By embracing customization, individuals can showcase their uniqueness, reinforce their bond with their cards, and foster enduring emotional connections. Seshaasai takes personalization to new heights by introducing a range of innovative solutions tailored to align with the latest consumer trends.

Let's explore the exciting features of our Picture Personalization framework:

Unleash Your Creativity with Seshaasai YoursTruly application: Seshaasai introduces the YoursTruly application, an online platform accessible through PCs, tablets, and mobile devices, that allows individuals to express their creativity in designing personalized cards. This user-friendly interface empowers Seshaasai cardholders to effortlessly curate their own unique cards. With Seshaasai's YoursTruly, users have the option to upload their own pictures or choose from a diverse gallery, adding authenticity and creativity to their card, keychain, sticker, and merchant QR code kit designs. Whether it's incorporating doodles, personal photos, innovative background effects, or a combination of these elements, YoursTruly offers the freedom to craft a card that truly represents one's individuality. Users can select their favourite photos from cherished memories, beloved pets, significant events, or favourite places from an expansive online gallery. The application allows users to tailor their cards to perfection by flipping, scaling, and rotating the images until they are delighted with the outcome. By providing an engaging and participative internet experience, Seshaasai YoursTruly turns the process of designing a card into an exciting endeavour that fosters a sense of pride and generates conversations both online and offline.

We take pride in our robust platform that can process millions of designs each year, ensuring a reliable and efficient personalization solution. Our picture personalization options cater specifically to Indian millennials and Gen Z, providing them with the freedom to create cards and other payment form factors that reflect their unique personalities.

Embrace the power of personalization with Seshaasai Personalized Picture Cards & form factors and unlock a world of possibilities for self-expression and creativity.

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