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Smart Payments

Smart Payment Solutions
Our range of Smart Card and Smart Tag solutions are based on industry best practices. We prioritise security, design, and efficiency. We are Visa, Mastercard, and NPCI certified smart card manufacturers, and are using our solutions to power numerous Smart City projects across India. With Smart Tags becoming mandatory and customers and retailers moving to contactless transaction methods, our Smart Payment solutions cover the entire gamut, from debit and credit cards to smart wearables to Merchant QR code kits. With our solutions, you can easily and seamlessly upgrade your business to meet the demands of the modern customer. Get started today.

Application And Products

Contact Based Smart Card

Smart Cards

Seshaasai’s expertise runs the whole gamut of smart card technology to include magnetic stripe, NFC, RFID, EMV chip-based and dual interface cards. We have the capacity to produce millions of personalized cards daily for a range of applications, from credit, debit and prepaid cards to campus and loyalty cards. Every product is subjected to rigorous quality checks to ensure compliance with company and regulatory standards. Our solutions involve highly encrypted networks and entirely automated production systems that encode private information onto the magnetic stripe or/and chip to document collation machines that sort and package the cards for dispatch.

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Customised Chip Modules

Seshaasai’s exclusive chip personalization technology empowers brands to tailor chip modules to unique shapes and sizes. Patented in 30 countries, the technology complies with global smart card standards. Customizable contact pads, enhanced security, and flexible specifications enable a personalized design that boosts brand experience, card usage, and revenue across industries.

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Chip Module Personalisation | Custom Chip Designs for Cards - Seshaasai
Seshaasai Personalized Picture Cards - Express Your Individuality

Picture Personalisation

Seshaasai, trusted as India’s preferred smart card manufacturer, introduces Picture Personalization service, providing customers with the ability to personalize various payment devices such as credit, debit, and prepaid cards, NFC-powered payment stickers, keychains, and merchant QR code kits. Through their YoursTruly application, users can effortlessly curate their own unique cards by uploading personal photos or choosing from a diverse gallery, fostering a sense of pride and individuality. By embracing personalization, Seshaasai aims to enhance customer experiences and offer innovative solutions aligned with the latest consumer trends.

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Smart Tags

Seshaasai focuses on high quality smart labels that open up a multitude of applications from transaction to transportation. Every solution that we’ve developed is mediated by the latest RFID and NFC communication technology. From enhanced electronic toll collection systems to intelligent packaging and tracking, we produce five million tags every month with precision, keeping all your confidential data safe at all times.

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We Manufacture Fastags for Electronic Toll Collection In india
Smart Payment Wearable Solutions

Smart Wearables

Seshaasai’s wearables technology is powered by the latest NFC, RFID and BLE technology. They can be used to make contactless payments and speed up the buying process at various points of sales whether large or small. From wristbands to rings and jewellery, Seshaasai’s smart wearables technology is customisable in form and application.

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Banking Instruments

Seshaasai has long-standing partnerships, spanning over two decades with the Indian finance sector. Focused on data security and innovation, we work with over 60 banks and 250 cooperative banks. We manage the production and delivery of millions of personalised payment instruments such as cheque books and demand drafts every day. Data is encrypted from the moment it enters Seshaasai’s CCM application platform RUBIC till it reaches the final output form. The default setting is to purge the data the moment the output is generated and job completed. Strategically located around the country, 7 of our 12 state-of-the art facilities are approved by the Indian Banks Association (IBA) as security printing sites. Our solutions are robust, reliable and inclusive. They empower financial institutions to provide quality services to a large and diverse customer base across the country.

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personalised banking payment instruments such as cheque books and demand drafts
Merchant QR code Kits

QR Code Kits

QR codes to help customers make digital payments at the merchant’s store. Aided by the bank in effecting such transactions, Seshaasai produces a number of such all-in-one UPI linked QR kits which comprise an in shop backdrop display, an on the counter-top standee and miniature stickers to aid in such digital transactions at the merchant counter. Merchants can now start accepting and effecting these UPI linked payments. All the customer needs to do is scan this QR code, enter the amount and effect the payment. Tracking of such payments and bank settlements is convenient using the bank’s mobile or web application.

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