Seshaasai| Smart Compliance| VATeGenie| VAT compliance software approved by the Federal Tax Authority (FTA), UAE |filing VAT returns

ET Awards 2022: BEST TECH BRAND IN THE BFSI SECTOR for the second consecutive year.

eFilling Vat Return

eFilling Vat Return

Seshaasai’s contributions to high security solutions over decades makes it one of the most trusted technology partners in India and the Gulf. VATeGenie is a simple cloud-based or on-premise taxation technology. It allows your company to transition from traditional tax accounting to an automated system that files VAT returns in various countries, especially in the Gulf. It can be easily integrated into corporate accounting or resource planning software and manage large amounts of data in seconds. Fitted with artificial intelligence (AI), this VAT solution computes accurate tax amounts payable on every transaction, generates volumes of invoices in a number of templates and sends them to customers. VateGenie is a highly secure tax solution with all corporate data encrypted, audit trails and internal maker-checker mechanisms.

How VATeGenie ensures easy VAT returns

Data Bridging : Accepts data in various formats, transforms, validates and then transfers it to multiple host systems to incorporate compliance rules

VAT Computation : Computes accurate tax payable according to specific laws and exceptions including specific business needs and regional dynamics

Tax Bridge : Filed VAT returns are vetted by internal mechanisms with an end-to-end maker and checker workflow. Enables rectifications and reverse feeds back to the accounting/host system

VAT Invoicing : Generates bulk invoices according to compliance standards and business requirements. It mails and notifies recipients as well

Security Environment : Sensitive data is safeguarded throughout storage, transmission and processing, with clear user audit trails.

Consultant and Advisory Board : User-friendly and convenient dashboard enabling easy management of the entire VAT filing process to include filing returns, tracking tasks of team members and notifications that update you on any changes of compliance laws and rules