Seshaasai GSTeGenie | Automated GST e-invoicing, Returns Preperation and Compliance | Easy and Convenient

GST e-invoicing, Returns Preparation and tax Compliance

India has embraced e-invoicing and come April 2021, all businesses have to comply and generate e-invoices for all B2B transactions. GSTeGenie is helping organisations take this giant leap in the most simple and seamless manner. Take your invoice generation and data management online conveniently and securely with GSTeGenie, the most versatile e-invoicing software for organisations of all sizes.

With GSTeGenie you get

  • Real-time e-invoicing with multiple modes of integration with your accounting /financial systems.
  • Flexibility, scale and agility that allows the entire system to go live in a short span of time.
  • Able to accommodate all invoice formats with details for different lines of business, products, inter-state/intra-state transactions, exports, SEZ sales, and inter-company sales.
  • Get compliant with e-invoicing requirements without disrupting any processes.
  • Generate invoices in your own customised formats.
  • Compatible with all types of ERP including SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, Tally ERP, MS Dynamics etc.
  • Seshaasai is a GSP and its large robust infrastructure ensures that you never face downtime at any point.

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How GSTeGenie helps your organisation

GSTeGenie provides multi-mode methodology for secure and convenient e-invoicing for organisations of various sizes. GSTeGenie facilitates e-invoicing through:

  • File based upload for generating e-invoices
  • SFTP folder-based integration
  • Data extractor tools-based integration
  • ERP integration
  • Real time Data entry

To generate e-invoices in your organisations template and design

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